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Using Trash Bins For Music Is Creative And Interesting

Using trash Cans to make music

There are all kinds of ways that you can make music. Have you ever thought about using trash bins for music? It’s been done, and it’s actually quite a popular form of music making that extends into using other various objects that can be found around the house, garage, etc. Of course, at first thought you might imagine kids getting together to bang on things and act like they’re in a band.

Hey, I remember those days. I would grab all kinds of things in my room and start making music. Anything and everything would become a drum. I never really did that with friends, but my sister and I would do it all the time. There are ways that you can materialize this hobby into making real music and not just enjoying kids play.

Think about the people that make music with glasses that are filled to different levels. They make some beautiful music, and you can do the same by turning trash cans into music makers of different kinds. You certainly know there are all different types of trash cans out there, so when using trash bins for music, you have to take a look at what you can do with what you have.

I know the first thing I would do is to look up videos of people using these trash bins to make music. It would be interesting to see what other people have done and what you can learn from them. There is even a Broadway musical that features this type of music. If you didn’t know that, you should check out the musical since you’re interested in this type of music. You are going to be surprised at what you hear, and who knows, maybe you’ll come up with your own musical creations.

How To Make Great Music With Garbage

Have you ever wondered how your favorite artists create such interesting sounds? In some cases, they literally use it with garbage. You can use trash cans, empty containers, and other types of waste to create some very interesting sounds.

Creating music with garbage is easier than you might think. Follow these simple tips, and you can turn one man’s trash into another man’s tunes.

Be Willing To Experiment with Garbage

Making a great sound with trash isn’t something that’s always going to happen easily. Sometimes, it’s a process of trial and error.

If you want to come up with really amazing sounds, then you’re going to have to try a lot of things out. If you are expecting amazing results right away, you might be disappointed. However, if you give it a chance, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun with this part of the creation process.

Re-Purpose The Sounds That You Create with Containers

Once you’ve come up with a few sounds that you like, you can start looking for ways to re-purpose them. For example, you could use the sound of crinkling paper as a beat in a song! Try editing the sounds and see if you can create something that you love.

Listen To Other Songs Created With Garbage Bins

If you’re not sure how to get started, try listening to a few another songs that used trash as a component. One famous example is the song “You Still Believe In Me” by The Beach Boys, which uses bicycle horns and other found objects. These songs can be an amazing source of inspiration.

As long as you are willing to get creative, you can create incredible music with garbage. The songs that you compose won’t sound like anything else. They’ll be completely original, and they will really make a positive impression when people listen to them.

What Is Trash Can Music And What Should You Know About It

using-trash-bins-for-musicWhat is trash can music and why do people do it? What else should you know about this kind of music? If you want to learn more about this topic, then continue to read the rest of this article.

1. What Is It- It is exactly what it sounds like, it is music that is played with trash bins. For example, a person may use numerous bins in order to create music. As for how many bins are used, there are no set amount that is required to produce music. You can use one bin, two bins or even more to make music with.

2. Why Do People Play It- There are many reasons why people play music with trash cans, with one being it is completely for fun. Some people form bands and play at various venues around their region, while some people create a solo act. Those are only a few of the many reasons why people play this type of music.

3. What Kind Of Bins Can Be Used- It doesn’t matter what kind of trash bins a person uses, as it is completely up to them. For example, you might want to use 3-4 different types of trash cans or you may want to stick to one kind and one size, such as aluminum trash cans. The choice is up to the person who will be playing the music, and sometimes they add other instruments into the mix. For example, a person may use a harmonica or guitar while their trash cans are secondary instruments in the music they create.

So, what is trash can music?

To be blunt, it’s music that involves using trash cans. Now that you know more about it, you should consider buying a few bins or using the ones you currently own to try to make music.